Name: Platinum
Price: 75.00 USD

Platinum Rank

Price $75
- [Platinum] Prefix

Tag Supporter /Tags (Supporter, VIP, Hero, Elite, Platinum)
One time Claim /claim
Clear inventory /clear
Feed hunger /feed (No Cool Down)
Make Blocks a hat /hat (Block in inventory)
Back to last location /Back
Portable Crafting Bench /Crafting
Portable Ender Chest /encherchest
Fire Extinguisher /ext
Kits (Supporter, VIP, Hero, Elite, Platinum)

Claim All items start of season for (Support, VIP, Hero, Elite, Platinum)
13 Set Homes
13 Auction House Listings
5 Full Player Vault

Platinum Kit:
1x Diamond helmet protection 3
1x Diamond chestplate protection 3
1x Diamond leggings protection 3
1x Diamond boots protection 3
1x diamond sword Sharpness 4 Fire Aspect 1
1x diamond axe efficiency 4 Unbreaking 1
1x diamond pickaxe efficiency 4 Unbreaking 1
1x diamond shovel efficiency 4 Unbreaking 1