Name: Titan
Price: 150.00 75.00 USD

Titan Rank

Price $150
- [Titan] Prefix

Survival Perks:
Tags Supporter, VIP, Hero, Elite, Platinum, Legend, Titan
Clear Invatory /clear
Feed hunger /feed
Make Blocks a hat /hat (Block in Invatory)
18 Home Sets
6 Privet PlayerVaults /PV
Back to last location and death /Back
Spy on peoples invatorys /invsee username
Portable Crafting Bench /Crafting
Portable EnderChest /encherchest
Fire Extinguisher /ext
Repair your items /repair hand
Kits (Titan, EXP, Iron, Emerald, Gold, Diamond, TitanRank(one tme pre reset)