CrispyPvP Terms And Conditions

By playing on our server and or connecting to our website or any IP address that is associated with CrispyPvP you agree to the following Terms And Conditions:

1(a) - You will obey, without any reasonable exception, the code of conduct that is strictly enforced on CrispyPvP.

(b) - Should a discrepancy occur in the rules that, infringes upon the rights on a player or, a group of players, that it shall be discussed on the forums in a reasonable manner.

(c) - In the discussion of these discrepancies, despite the opinion of the opposing party, that the final word of the Senior Staff of CrispyPvP will without questioning, trump any other opinion presented.

2(a) - Any threat, no matter how it was small, will be taken seriously.

(b) These threats may include but are not limited to: (1) DDOS Attack Threats, (2) Death threats towards any and all staff/affiliates and their kin, (3) Threats of bodily harm.

(c) There will be no reasonable exceptions to section 2(a)(b) in any regard.

3(a) - Under no circumstances are you permitted to "charge-back" for a donation/donations made in the CrispyPvP Store.

(b) This includes any and all packages offered within the store.

(c) Failure to comply with this will result is an immediate Ban and Possible Lawsuit

4(a) - If you exploit a glitch/duplication or any bug , by the authority of a CrispyPvP Staff member, has not been cleared as ethical, you will suffer the appropriate consequences. (1) Under no circumstances will a CrispyPvP Staff member give permission to a player of the server to exploit a duplication.

(b) - The legal glitches on our server include and ARE limited to: (1) Enderpearl glitches, (2) teleportation glitches, (3) sethome glitches. No Glitches in any other servers are permitted.

(b) - The illegal glitches/duplications /bugs may include but are not limited to: (1) Money duplications/glitches, (2) MCMMO duplicatons/glitches, (3) factions duplications/glitches, (4) Player Vault duplications/glitches, (5) any other exploitation not listed here.

(c) - Should you discover a duplication/glitch/bug, you are to, without any reasonable delay, report it to a CrispyPvP Staff Member. In the reporting of a duplication/glitch/bug, you are to do the following: (1) tell the staff member the nature of the exploit, (2) explain how you discovered it, (3) forfeit any and all ill-gotten gains from the exploit to the Staff member you are dealing with, (4) if applicable, provide the name(s)/sources in which you discovered the exploit, (5) not in any way, ask for a "reward" for informing us of the exploit. We will or may reward depending on the situation

(d) - Regarding section 4(c), ANY exploitation of a duplication/glitch prior to reporting it to a Staff member will, without any reasonable exception, make you of the guilty party therefor accepting the associated consequences.

5(a) - CrispyPvP reserves the right to, without any reasonable exception, have a map reset. Server Reset, and or Ranks reset.

(b) - A map reset may include but is not limited to and may not include: (1) The resetting of all Player Vaults, (2) The resetting of MCMMO Points and Credits, (3) The resetting of in-game money, (4) The Resetting of Enderchest, (5) Deletion of any bases created, (6) Disbanding of all factions. (7) Anything the Owners wish to reset.

(c) - CrispyPvP also reserves the right to not perform some of these actions per reset. This will be determined on a circumstance specific basis, meaning that, the characteristics of one reset may be different in nature from the characteristics of another.

(d) - Should any discrepancies occur in the resetting of a map, the discussion should be done on the forums and in proper format. However, please remember that: (1) CrispyPvP Staff members have the final word in any and all discussions, (2) arguing the verdict after the final decision is made is in violation of the Terms And Conditions.

6(a) - Any Packages purchased on CrispyPvP Store are subject to change at any time.

(b) - This includes ALL purchasable packages on the Buycraft. No Exceptions

(c) - Should a discrepancy occur in the purchasing of packages in the CrispyPvP store occur, they are to be discussed on the forums. When a CrispyPvP Staff member gives a ruling on a discussion, that ruling is final. Arguing after the fact is in violation of the Terms And Conditions.

(d) - Charging-back is not justifiable by these circumstances in any way.